Despite what some football supporters might think, baseball is actually our favorite sport and has a richer tradition than any other aspect of American society. There have been many incredibly talented athletes that have played the field over the years, but what remains is our attempt to rank the top ten players in Major League Baseball history.

Stan Musial

Photo: mlb


Stan Musial, a 20-time All-Star and one of baseball's all-time great offensive players, finished his 22-year career with a batting line of.331/.417/.559, 475 home runs, 1 RBI, and 951 points scored.


He has led six National League hits and won seven batting titles. He ranks fourth all-time with three hits. With 630 doubles, he is third all-time, and with 725 goals overall, he is second only to Hank Aaron.


In 1943, 1946, and 1948, Musial earned the National League MVP award three times while playing with the Cardinals. He undoubtedly ranks among the best and most well-known baseball players of all time.

Lou Gehrig